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Red Dot Design Award

Congrats on the Red Dot Award! What is it for?

Thanks! We’re proud of ourselves for this one. The Red Dot Award is one of the most prestigious product design awards in the world. Products sent to them go through days of rigorous reviews and tests. This year, we wowed them with the Loop Engage ear

Can I see the actual award?

Of course! Click here to see it for yourself.

What’s so special about Loop Engage?

We noticed our beloved Loopers were wearing their Loops around the clock, even when they didn’t need total focus or to protect their ears. We designed Loop Engage to cover those in-between moments like conversations, parenting or commutes. Watch the

What does the Red Dot Award mean for us?

It’s a nod to the effectiveness and reputation of our products, and an assurance to you that you’re taking home a pair of award-winning earplugs with best-in-class design. Think of it as our Red Dot of approval.