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Why is hearing protection at festivals important?

At festivals and other live events, you’re constantly exposed to sound levels that can permanently damage your hearing. Even 15 minutes of intake at 100 dB can negatively impact your health. Ever come home from a concert or festival with that ringing

Why are Loop's Experience products ideal for festivals?

Loop Experience allows you to experience the music clearly but at a lower volume to protect your ears. They do this by reducing decibel intake while preserving crystal-clear sound quality. This is thanks to their patented acoustic channel and mesh fi

How do Loop Experience earplugs keep sound so clear?

It’s all in the design. Loop Experience earplugs are built around an acoustic channel, combined with a filter and membrane. The acoustic channel mirrors the length of a human ear canal which translates into 18 decibels of noise reduction, all while k

What are the benefits of using Loop Quiet earplugs at festivals?

During the day, festivals are about living life to the fullest and maximizing music consumption. But it’s important to get a good night’s sleep between sunset and sunrise on the next fun-filled day. Loop Quiet Earplugs help eliminate distracting soun