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How do I insert Loops?

(Timestamp 0:10). Take the ring of the Loop between your thumb and index finger, and put it in your ear. Once the ear canal feels sealed, turn clockwise and adjust so the ring is comfortably in your ear and your Loops aren't visible from the front.

How do I change the ear tips?

(Timestamp 0:34). Take the ear tip between your thumb and index finger, then push and twist it over Loop's stem until it can't go any further. For silicone ear tips, flip the flexible part of the ear tip backwards before installing it on Loop's stem.

How do I clean my Loops?

(Timestamp 0:48)

How do I insert Loop Mute?

(Timestamp 1:09). Place the Loop Mute in between your thumb and index finger. Gently push into the center of your Loop earplug for an extra 5 dB of noise reduction.

How to select the right ear tip size

(Timestamp 0:22). Start with the default M ear tip size. Try this on and see how it feels! If it feels loose, falls out easily, or if you hear no difference in sound reduction, go up a size. If you’re struggling to get them in or if they feel too tig